….that i lose my mind! Its December 3 and it seems like I could very well grab a bottle of wine by tonight at 5. This week could not have taken any longer. When they say a mother doesnt work hard, who were they kidding! Obviously they werent a mother or parent! I’d really like to meet that person and show them what MY day consists of!

On to a better funny note! My daughter lost tooth #3 last night. Which has been taking forever and just been hanging on my a thread, LITERALLY!  So the tooth fairy was scrounging for change. She should really learn that debit cards are not always the best thing to have, especially when things like this arise! Needless to say she had to dump her purse and find everything that she could give. Well she found a toonie and quarter and a half eatten sucker? This fairy should either clean out her purse or what more closely what kids are putting in her purse!

Well today is another busy day. Its payday! Must go click click click and spend it all paying bills before i even leave the house!

So happy Friday everyone!  Have a safe weekend!