So i think i should either take a holiday or create a month for my child to go into hiding! I have had one hell of a week with her, and with no better days in sight! She has either been sick with pink eye ,a cold, headaches, or tummy aches. All of this with a whole lot of grouchiness. I, Honestly, do not remember being this moody and grouchy for my mom. Either that, or i block out those bad thoughts, trying to portray a perfect child. LOL well i try anyways.

This week has both eventful as well as relaxing. I went for a me day and finally got my girlie nails again. And boy have i missed them. I have had some coffee dates which have been heaven to be able to vent with. I also participated in my first ever twitter party. The product that we chatted about, as well as tried to receive freebies from was Mereadesso. Amazing company and amazing products! Lucky ladies won travel packs to a years supply of this product. I think after Christmas , i am going to change my face cleansing system to Mereadesso  and find out how truly amazing it is!

This coming week is going to be crazy, from Christmas concerts, to dance to baking to pay-day( right it deserves its own day)  groceries, pay bills, finish Christmas shopping, and on top my week off from babysitting will come to an end today! Back to the grind tomorrow.

My amazing Husband has been working only about 1 hour away so he’s been home every night. But its times like this i wish he was actually away working. We only end up seeing him for about 30-45 minutes(if we are lucky) a day. And when i have been dealing with a GROUCHY child , i know i need more time, let alone my child!

Last night, in my many hours of watching the minutes change on the clock, i was thinking about all my favorite Christmas memories. Right now its hard for me to put my thoughts onto just 1 or even a couple. I have come to think every memory with my mom in it was my fave. Do you have any favorite Christmas memories? what about traditions?

Are any of you moms ever looking for the world’s perfect blog and product reports. My Organized Chaos is a great read. She runs so many give aways and  gives you a great laugh. AND she’s my cousin’s wife. She is the mother of 3, including a set of twins. She finds all the great deals, that its just so hard to pass up. Check out her website, find some give aways that you want to enter, or all of them(but if you chose to do all, prepare for a lot of time infront of the computer–yes she has that many products to give away!)

I have recently become the coupon queen. Not sure why until i found my favorite 3 coupon sites. and websaver, pg everyday solutions. i have learned that i dont need to waste so much money a month. All you have to do to get these coupons in register and pick your own coupons and they mail them to you!  Its so simple and helps your pocket book!

Well im off for another day of cleaning baking getting a few groceries and then to get ready for the week ahead!

In love and Peace

crazinessatitsbest ❤