i never realized till just not too long ago that today is december 1st. YIKES where the heck did November go? I have so much to do and less than 23 days to get it done. Did i mention Rob is away working till the 23th ?? ya this is not going to go smoothly at all! i have baking to do, shopping to start a day home to run daughter to get to school and dance! omg!!! This is the first Christmas i have been this far behind! i can honestly say i am usually done by september (at the latest) PLUS this year i am participating in a secret santa. see the story goes like this…last year after my mom passed away my family and i recieved a hotel/meals/small gifts from a group of secret santas. Well i became very close with them, and our only promise me had to make was to participate from then on! i am so happy with how things are going right now but thank goodness i have been able to organize from my computer some things! Cause yes, my luck again , the cold has hit our household!

oh by the way this is my second attempt at writing this blog as i was trying to Blog and play with a child from my day home and well i just now realized i forgot to hit “publish” so haha jokes on me!

oh ya did i mention no hubby until the 23rd??? OMG thats just not going to do! i wonder if i drove up there to Fort MAc that i could drop my daughter off so he can babysit? At least while i do some Christmas shopping??? Hell since its a 10 hour drive from me..i best make it a 2 day event and get some baking done?  For some reason i dont think his Push would allow him to take some time to show his daughter around!!

Well another night gone, and so much sleep to get tonight, with the attempt to be awake before my dayhome kids arrive!  *** do not forget to set alarm***

With Love,